the cat on the stairs


  1. This is impressive.

    I'm wondering about the size of the photos - why you've chosen to keep them small.

    It's interesting that different photographers chose such different ways in which to display their pictures.


  2. Quite honestly I keep them small for a few simple reasons -

    #1 people are far less likely to steal and claim them as their own (this happened to me a few times when I first got online)

    #2 for bandwidth purposes. I don't pay for file hosting as I'm still a broke student and the sheer # of photos I upload and people load to look at would exceed my capacity if I had them all full rez. Plus since I let this blog list a looooot of old posts it takes forever to load the page if the sizes are huge. I'd rather leave it all on the front page cause sometimes people will scroll down but not take the time to click to the next page. I'd rather they see as many diverse photos as possible than a few high rez ones

    #3 - I shoot with a really old digital slr that only has 6mpx or a handheld point and shoot thats 10.1mpx but less sharp image resolution. Shots from both cameras look far better when compressed than they did at full size (less grainy, look sharper etc) Someday when I get a higher resolution SLR I'll prob switch to posting much larger images

    Haha sorry for the rambling answer but it is something I've been thinking about switching recently!

  3. I should also add I have a tiny laptop with a 12" screen and I sometimes forget how much smaller the photos look on a larger screen!